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Doctors can be hard to reach, illnesses can occur in the middle of the night, and sometimes you just have a question. Our goal is to provide you with convenient, affordable healthcare, when you need it most. Receive access to a national network of U.S. board-certified doctors who are available 24/7/365 to treat various medical issues.

Both Telemedicine and Behavioral Health are at a $0 consult fee. No Insurance Required.

Behavioral Health

Receive unlimited, convenient, confidential 30-minute behavioral health counseling at no additional cost! All counseling is conducted from the privacy of your home or other location with the same highly trained, caring counselor each time. Most people experience significant mental health challenges or personal or family issues at some point in their lives.

Both Telemedicine and Behavioral Health are at a $0 consult fee. No Insurance Required.

Discount Rx

Do you pay full price for any of your medications? Does your insurance force you to buy generic when you prefer the brand? Save an average of 15% on brand name and up to 80% on generic medications at over 80% of pharmacies. This discount prescription card can be used immediately and shared with family. You may also request additional cards for family and friends. Your personal information is never collected.

Average savings of 15% on brand-name and 55% on generic medications. Save up to 80% on generic medications, including pet medications.

Brand-Name Mail-Order

Do you find it difficult to afford the high cost of brand-name medications? MedAfford Global Inc.’s (MGI) international mail-order program can help you. MGI provides savings up to 80% from Tier One international pharmacies. Ordering your discount brand-name medications is convenient, easy, and secure.

Save up to 80% on brandname medications through our international mail-order pharmacies.

Rx MedAssist

For when you can’t afford the drugs you need - even with the Discount Rx or the Brand-Name Mail-Order program. Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) provide low cost prescription medicine to people who are uninsured or under-insured and meet income guidelines. (“Under insured” can mean your specific prescription medication may not be covered under your drug plan).

There is a one-time application fee of $25 which is refunded if you were to not be approved for the program. You will pay only $20 per medication per month on most medications, upon approval for the program

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